Nervos: “Project Kami will launch on January 27”

Nervos announced this Thursday, January 20, through his Twitter account, the launch of Project Kami on the platform on January 27. Nervos’ layered architecture will support Project Kami and its NFT services without sacrificing security or decentralization for speed and scalability.

Image on Nervos post on Twitter

“In light of recent developments in the Nervos Network architecture with the release of Godwoken and Force Bridge, we are pleased to announce that Project Kami, an immersive collection of NFTs, featuring gamified quest for rarities and rewards, will launch on June 27. January. in Nervos Red”, he said through an article published on his website.

According to the company, Project Kami is a collection of 9,999 animated portraits and still images. As one of the first NFT collections on the Nervos Network, Project Kami will harness the full potential of our architecture to change the way users view and use NFT.

Why Blockchain Projects Are Moving to the Nervos Network

The company indicated that, as one of the first collections on the Nervos platform, Project Kami will benefit from Nervos’ multi-layered ecosystem with Ethereum Force Bridge and our EVM-compatible layer, Godwoken, simplifying migration from Ethereum.

Similarly, he highlighted that Nervos’ layered architecture serves to help implement Project Kami and services without sacrificing security or decentralization for speed and scalability. Nervos Layer 1 is a permissionless public blockchain that functions as the core of the network and provides inherent security for its layer two, securing Kami assets. With layer 2 support, Kami will have near infinite scalability.

In his opinion, one of the unique features of Project Kami is its chain digital scavenger hunt ‘The Quest for Unity’. This game is facilitated by the ‘Spacemon’ project’s native token which is generated by simply holding an NFT. Spacemon can be used to buy hints, send replies, and customize NFTs.

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“The Nervos platform allows Project Kami and NFT owners to efficiently transfer Spacemon over the network. This enhances the overall gaming experience and allows owners to immerse themselves in the project’s lore”.

The company assured that users of Project Kami will enjoy a simple and fluid experience provided by the Nervos Network by taking advantage of the capabilities and functionalities of the Nervos Network. This removes the difficulties users face with Ethereum by making it simpler to send and receive NFTs for anyone new to crypto.

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