Moralis announced Solana API launch

Moralis announced this Friday, January 21, through his Twitter account, the launch of the Solana API. According to the company, this latest version means that it is now easier than ever to create projects in Solana.

Image on Moralis post on Twitter

“Now that we’re providing Solana support to Moralis with the Solana API, we’re empowering Solana developers to unleash their creativity. Specifically, developers looking to build projects on Solana will be able to do so alongside Moralis’s set of powerful tools! To name a few, this includes the Moralis NFT API, which makes NFT development a breeze, but also so much more. For example, Moralis’s Metaverse SDK, with support for Unity, revolutionizes Web3 game development. Furthermore, the Moralis Web3 API is the most intuitive way to query blockchain data from different chains. In addition to this, Moralis has support for React Native, which means that developers can create native mobile Web3 applications with ease”, he said through an article published on his website.

The company explained that the release of the Moralis Solana API means that Solana developers can finally take advantage of the amazing features that come with Moralis.

In his opinion, Solana has experienced remarkable growth over the last year. Moralis now enables Solana developers to build projects using Moralis, the ultimate Web3 development platform! As such, Solana developers will now be able to take advantage of Moralis’ myriad features that save developers an average of 87% of the time they spend developing their projects.

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“We couldn’t be more excited about the release of the Solana API. We’ve seen a lot of community interest in Solana support, and we’re just as excited to share the Solana API with developers,” said Ivan on Tech, CEO of Moralis. “Blockchain interoperability is at the core of our vision at Moralis, so introducing support for Solana with our Solana API makes perfect sense to us. Now, we’re putting our Solana API in the hands of developers, and we can’t wait to see what they build with it!”.

What features are included in the release?

According to the company, in this first version of the Solana de Moralis API, they will launch some basic functions, such as:

• User balances

• Records of a user

• NFT of a user

• A user’s wallet (basically a summary of balance, tokens and NFTs)

Similarly, he highlighted that the Solana API will be accessible via HTTP requests but will soon be accessible via the Moralis SDK as well. They are also working on adding this API to our Unity SDK. This means that you will be able to get all your Solana data into Unity games, including VR, Xbox, and PlayStation games.

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