Liquidifty: “Version 3 is available”

Liquidifty announced last Tuesday, July 6, through its Twitter account, that its version 3 is now available with a new design, contest, boost and much more.

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Image on Liquidifty’s Twitter post

“It’s been over a month since our release, it feels like an eternity ago now, which seems to have ended in a fleeting moment. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who is with us! And that includes all those who coin works, buy them, discuss them, criticize, or praise them. We appreciate the contribution that each one of you is making to our project! To date, we have reached $100,000 in NFT trading volumes, launched 3 collector contests, and attracted over 1,000 users who have minted or purchased works in our marketplace. The fact that you are using the Liquidifty app is not just an inspiration to us, it is a confirmation of the fair course of action we have taken! And to mark all these important achievements, we would like to present our latest update, which has already been published”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

Some of the changes are:

1. Brand change

2. Redesign of the application

According to the company, the interface has become considerably more convenient and allows you to view works in a larger grid that highlights their complexities and provides a better sense of space. “The website has been expanded and so has the scope of the paintings, as they are now presented in a considerably more practical way. This was done to empower artists in their goal of presenting their artwork in the way they had originally planned. In general, the website has become more convenient to use and more attractive to look at”, he added.

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3. Great optimizations and processing speeds

The company assured that they have worked hard to ensure that the speed of working with the market increases considerably. In his opinion, they have worked “very hard to optimize the processes of interaction with the blockchain and IPFS storage, which allowed us to accelerate the site up to ten times”. Many bugs and bugs have also been identified and exterminated.

4. Link the anchor to images

In addition, the company indicated that users can now simply attach a link to their work on Twitter or any other social network, and the images will be uploaded automatically.

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