Kylin Network shared monthly report

Kylin Network shared last Tuesday, July 6, through its Twitter account, the monthly report of the company with some highlights such as: new partners, parachain implemented in rococo testnet, completely new conceptual framework (DDMO), among others.

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“We are pleased to update the Kylin Community on the progress that has been made in the final month of Q2 2021. We are now heading into Q3 2021, which means some of our biggest milestones are fast approaching, namely, the Polkadot Parachain auctions and with that Mainnet. We have accomplished a lot in recent months and June has been no exception when it comes to fundamental growth and progress. Some highlights from this past month include: A notable mentioned in Benzinga, the announcement of a 6-episode series on New to the Street, (a syndicated show featured on Bloomberg TV), the invention of a novel concept and vehicle to power DeData called ‘DDMO’ and many new partners. Additionally, we are in the process of beginning to actively reach out to our partners to work with them on technical integration. Step by step, we are approaching our goal of a DeData world”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.


The company shared the details of the report:

Rococo testnet

June started off with a bang and one of our greatest accomplishments to date. We got a Parachain to run live on Rococo Testnet and we were able to test it in that environment for about 40 hours. Testnet has been running smoothly for a while, but we are very proud to have achieved this important milestone much earlier than expected.

Partnership development

We are getting used to it, but as always, Kylin Network added several partners who will actively use the service that Kylin will provide to the already impressive roster. 6 new partners joined the DeData ecosystem, including Shield Finance, Wanchain and DragonBite.

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Wear a hood for a good show

We really wanted to announce the “Wear a Hood Forever” program. Kylin Network has been giving away and rewarding loyal community members with Kylin Hoodies and noted that there is a high demand. We think we have now found a good use for hoodies!

One of the biggest advantages of cryptocurrency payments is the ability to donate charity directly to the source. There are no intermediaries who take money on the way to its destination, but P2P transactions for those who need it!

We never intended to make money off the merchandise and decided to use this as an opportunity to make a positive impact through our ‘Wear a Hood Forever’ program!

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