Kylin announced deployment to Kusama

Kylin announced this Monday, October 18, through his Twitter account, his implementation in Kusama that includes a parachain.

Image on Kylin Network’s Twitter post

“We are very excited to share with you that… the Kylin network has decided to launch into Kusama! We want to introduce Pichiu, Kylin’s Canarian parachain in Kusama. The official symbol of Pichiu’s file is PCHU”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

Because right now?

The company said its goal is to launch directly into Polkadot to save time handling two parachutes.

However, the growing adoption of Kusama and its ability to act as a currently ready deployment layer, at this time, has changed the context of that initial plan. “We will always prioritize a faster path to adoption and implementation of the Kylin Network and DeData standards. Right now, the fastest and most robust path includes Kusama”, he commented.

According to the company, Kylin is now very close to completing the data warehouse query functionality (that is, v0); We think it makes sense now to launch a canary network and test integrations with our many partners, both from Polkadot and beyond. We can only do that in the very short term through Kusama.

In his view, one of the top priorities along this path is to use the Kusama to ETH bridge to integrate our Solidity-based partners and provide our community with the ability to provide them with data. “We believe this will be of critical strategic importance as we have a multitude of partners sitting in the ether (pun intended) and we want to be able to integrate them and test integrations as much as possible. Ultimately, the traffic, in terms of actual deployment routes, is currently in Kusama, so it makes sense that we have a presence there”, he added.

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Pichiu token distribution

The company indicated that this will be a fair launch without a base or team assignment; Furthermore, there are no rounds or private investors. The distribution of the token will be a fair and favorable launch for the first participants.

When will the Pichiu PLO be launched?

Pichiu Network intends to start its Parachain Loan Offering in conjunction with the start of the seventh or eighth Kusama parachain auction. The exact date is to be determined, so stay tuned for more details.

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