KickPad announced their first IDO release: Orakuru

KickPad announced last Thursday, April 1, through its Twitter account, its first IDO launch, which, according to the company, will be “the oracle of Binance Smart Chain”.

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“We have been through the investigation process and have spoken constantly with the Orakuru team. There is no doubt that they share the same vision and mindset to improve Defi. More news will arrive in the next few days”, said the company through the same social network.

The company highlighted that one of KickPad’s main intentions is to provide a platform to launch ambitious anonymous projects. “This is done with full transparency for the community to minimize the risks that are usually present while projects raise capital,” he said. Therefore, the company shared part of the investigation process:

● Complete two audits

● Pass a preliminary overview of the manual

● Pass an interview

● Make all code public

● Go through a committee overview process

About Orakuru

It is an undisputed price oracle on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). As the company commented, it is a “truly decentralized alternative for off-chain data“.

“It provides real-world data to the blockchain and requests its external nodes to capture data, such as BSC prices and off-chain market prices. Orakuru’s data is available for on-chain use in DEX, prediction markets, insurance, loans and more, using its feeds to feed different dApps”, he added.

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The Orakuru team explained that “First of all, we are honored to be the first project to launch on KickPad. We, like many others, have been impressed with the success and continued growth of KickPad. It clearly shows that crypto users want innovative and secure alternatives in Defi compared to existing ones. Like KickPad, we believe that all permissionless blockchain operations should ultimately be a simple process. Either buying and transferring assets or interactions with smart contracts and dApps. However, this cannot be done without a proper oracle solution – Orakuru arrives. We aspire to build a healthier Defi environment while prioritizing our community in the process”.

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