iTrust Finance and InsurAce invite to DeFi Invitational Fantasy Premier League

iTrust Finance reported on Monday, August 2, through its Twitter account, that together with InsurAce Protocol, they are inviting community members from any DeFi project to join the DeFi Invitational Fantasy Premier League.

Image on iTrust Finance post on Twitter

“DeFi can be a pretty serious business, but it’s important to have a little fun along the way. That is why and InsurAce have come together to invite any Fantasy Premier League (FPL) participant within the DeFi community to join our DeFi Invitational League”, he said through an article published on the platform Medium.

According to the company, together with InsurAce they will provide a total prize of $300 ($150 in $ITG and $150 in $INSUR) to start. “Other projects will be announced in the next few days, increasing the prize! If you are part of another DeFi project, consider this your invitation to get on board invite your community to participate and increase the prize for everyone. Just email @iTrustFinance on Twitter from your Project account and we’ll get started!”, he added.

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What is FPL?

As explained by the company, Fantasy Premier League is the official game of Fantasy Football (football, for all our friends in the US), based on the English Premier League.

“The game is free, and once you have selected your team, you can join our league. Consider this a bit of competitive fun among DeFi friends”, he noted.

How to play?

Full instructions on how to choose your team and play the game can be found here:

As stated above, FPL is not iTrust Finance’s own game; “We’re just playing it (hopefully with you!), So take note of its terms and conditions here:“.

Here’s the link to sign up and build your team:

If you are new to FPL, or Premier League Soccer in general, this site offers some helpful tips on choosing your teams:

What is the DeFi Invitational League?

The company explained that, within the FPL game, they have created a private league (to which you, as a member of the iTrust/ InsureAce community) are invited to join their team, through this link:

You also need to fill out this short form, so that we can send you your prize if you are eligible for one.

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