Itheum and Geneva Macro Labs meet at the Design Thinking Hackathon

Itheum announced this Monday, February 07, through its Twitter account, that together with Geneva Macro Labs they are meeting at this week’s Design Thinking Hackathon to discuss personal data, sustainability and more in blockchain.

Image about Itheum’s Twitter post

“Geneva Macro Labs, a Do-Tank community based in Geneva, Switzerland, is hosting an online “Design Thinking” hackathon taking place from February 9-14. the realm of technology. We are pleased to announce that Itheum will be taking center stage and foreground during the event. Our founder and CEO, Mark Paul, will lead the charge by delivering the keynote presentation on February 11 titled “Touchpoint Event”, he said in an article posted on Medium.

The company explained that the Design Thinking Hackathon presents an incredible opportunity for Itheum to spread our message and expand our reach within the communities surrounding the Geneva Macro Lab audiences. Additionally, our project is beginning to gain traction and recognition in the communities. of industry academic “think tanks” around the world.

In his view, this helps legitimize Itheum, allowing us to move forward as a truly influential platform for sustainability technology when it comes to revolutionizing personal data use cases. We will talk and delve into digital data and how it can be used for sustainable projects, transparency and openness in data, blockchain and AI, and much more.

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“We will get the exposure we need while sharing ideas with outstanding people and communities. To top it off, it’s also our team’s first keynote address at a distinguished event, and we couldn’t be more excited to be participating”.

In the same way, he stressed that “we hope to see you all at the hackathon. This message goes out to all members of our community! The main presentation will take place on February 11 between 18:00 and 20:00 CET, so don’t miss it”.

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