IoTeX is a main sponsor of Gitcoin: GR10 Hackathon

IoTeX announced on Wednesday June 16, through its Twitter account, that it is the main sponsor of Gitcoin: GR10 Hackathon to promote Web3 development. In his view, users will be able to join, from June 16 to July 7, developers from around the world to build “the future in IoTeX with a total prize of $650K”.

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“IoTeX is proud to be a main sponsor of the Hackathon Gitcoin Grants Round 10 (GR10), which begins June 16 and concludes July 7 with a total prize pool of over $650K. Gitcoin is the main destination for Web3 developers to collaborate on open-source projects, learn new technologies and meet like-minded developers – it’s time to expose IoTeX technology to the developer universe!”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that to get started, they will host a special IoTeX x Gitcoin developer webinar on Monday, June 21 at 12pm PT with the core IoTeX development team, where they will deliver a hands-on demo of “Building on IoTeX with Web3”. “This will be the first IoTeX hackathon where developers can take advantage of our Web3 Babel API which was recently released in May as part of Mainnet v1.2“, he added.

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Hackathon challenges

IoTeX shared the various rewards for expanding investment options by adding various return strategies and for acquiring more users by expanding to other blockchains:

1. Feed your dApp with real world data (up to $2,500 USD)

Pebble Tracker is a decentralized asset tracker that turns real-world phenomena into verifiable blockchain-ready data. Create a simple dApp using our Pebble Simulator that generates sensor readings and takes specific actions based on sensor values; if something happens in the real world, then activate something in the blockchain world.

2. Analysis for ioTube Cross-Chain Bridge (up to $4,000 USD)

ioTube is a decentralized cross-chain bridge that connects IoTeX with major blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. Create a stylishly designed analytics dashboard for ioTube, displaying the statistics most relevant to our cross-chain bridge (eg volumes, tx count, users, and much more), categorized by blockchain.

3. Port a Solidity dApp to IoTeX using Web3 (up to $9,000 USD)

IoTeX is a decentralized, scalable, Ethereum-compatible blockchain platform. This is an open competition where you can use our latest Web3 tools to transfer your favorite dApp on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or any other EVM compatible platform and implement it on IoTeX!

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