IoTeX announced new partnership with MOBI

IoTeX announced last Wednesday, September 1, through its Twitter account, its new partnership with MOBI, to accelerate the adoption of blockchain in the mobility and automotive industries.

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“Today we are pleased to announce our new partnership with MOBI, a non-profit alliance of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, insurers, NGOs and startups working to accelerate blockchain adoption in the automotive and mobility industries”, he said through an article posted on his website.

According to the company, MOBI addresses the needs of emerging multimodal transportation ecosystems through collaborative efforts with various entities, including:

• Car manufacturers: BMW, Ford, GM, Renault, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota

• Companies: Accenture, AWS, Bosch, Hitachi, IBM, PG&E, SwissRe

• NGOs and universities: World Economic Forum (WEF), USC, Texas A&M

In addition, the company indicated that as members of MOBI, they will contribute their cutting-edge blockchain and IoT technology, including Pebble Tracker, to drive research and pilot projects such as MOBI’s Trusted Trip. So, they look forward to working with the MOBI Alliance to drive innovation in the automotive and mobility industries.

“We are excited for IoTeX to join MOBI. As an innovator in the blockchain and IoT space, IoTeX will work collaboratively with our community of vehicle manufacturers, startups, mobility service providers and many more to make transportation more. efficient, affordable, greener, safer and less congested”, said Tram Vo, founder and co-director of MOBI.

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About MOBI

MOBI brings together forward-thinking companies, governments and NGOs to make mobility services more efficient, affordable and secure by promoting standards and accelerating the adoption of blockchain-related technologies.

The company explained that MOBI members participate in an open innovation platform that shares industry best practices, new technologies and trends in smart mobility. Several MOBI working groups explore specific use cases within the mobility industry and establish common means to define, measure, and test quality, performance, and safety. Through collaborative pilots and testbeds, MOBI engages blockchain developers and public companies in developing solutions for the future of mobility.

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