InsurAce Protocol announced partnership with Tetu

InsurAce Protocol announced this Monday, January 24, through its Twitter account, its new long-term strategic partnership with Tetu, which allows Tetu users to protect their digital assets.

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“Following the recent Tetu listing announcement, can now confirm an official partnership that will focus on improving the security of its users and the DeFi industry in general”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that Tetu is a Web3 asset management protocol built on the Polygon network that implements automated yield farming strategies to provide investors with a secure method to receive a high and stable return on their investments.

In his opinion, with this association, Tetu users (Tetuans) will be able to acquire insurance coverage and have their assets protected within the Tetu protocol. This partnership was very important for both teams to confirm, as DeFi insurance brings peace of mind to yield farming by bringing more security to large positions.

Similarly, he indicated that Tetu’s coverage in the dApp has an initial capacity of 2 million dollars and will protect Tetuans against any exploitation of the smart contract.

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“We are very excited and positive about our latest partnership with Tetu. Hacks and breaches are all too common within our industry and we will work hard to deter and prevent them. Ensuring Tetuans this additional security is imperative and we look forward to working with the Tetu team for months and years to come”, said Oliver Xie, Founder,

About Tetu

It is a Web3 asset management protocol committed to creating and providing an innovative yield management solution for its DeFi users and investors. Tetu’s core team has deep industry knowledge in building back-end international banking systems and development with a leading global payment processing infrastructure.

“The core team leader left the security of his multinational job security and benefits to venture into the unknown and began applying his development skills during DeFi summer 2020, where he ended up leading community development for Harvest Finance. While completing his work there, he saw an opportunity to bring Synthetix and Yearn’s code together to create a completely new performance management solution. Take only the best of the first generation of tokenomics and performance aggregation and bring it together in a new secure and scalable platform called Tetu”, precise.

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