InsurAce announced partnership with GMX

InsurAce announced this Friday, January 7, through its Twitter account, its new partnership with GMX to help protect digital assets and to ensure maximum security for DeFi users.

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“ is pleased to confirm its official partnership with GMX, the decentralized perpetual exchange. GMX is a perpetual, spot decentralized exchange that supports low exchange fees and zero price impact trading. Trading on GMX is backed by a unique multi-asset pool that earns fees from liquidity providers for market making, exchange fees and leverage trading”, he said through an article posted on the Medium platform.

According to the company, GMX runs on BSC and Arbitrium and is looking to expand to multiple blockchains in the very near future.

In his view, after its security audit, GMX has kept the safety and security of its users at the forefront of their minds. As a result, they were very keen to form an official partnership with, who will provide DeFi insurance against any smart contract breaches.

Similarly, the company indicated that this association has seen GMX listed on the dApp and the coverage can be purchased instantly:

“We have been impressed with the progress of GMX since its incorporation. Having followed the project since it was originally called Gambit, we have been closely watching its growth. 2022 will be an exciting year for both companies and the industry in general. The dedication of projects like GMX to ensuring their users have the highest level of protection against piracy will see our partnership flourish throughout this year and beyond”, Oliver Xie, Founder,

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About GMX

It is a decentralized perpetual exchange where you can trade BTC, ETH, and other major cryptocurrencies with up to 30x leverage directly from your wallet. GMX is currently live on Arbitium and is expected to launch on Avalanche soon.

About InsurAce

It is a decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol to empower the risk protection infrastructure for the DeFi community. offers portfolio-based insurance products with optimized pricing models to substantially reduce cost; launches insurance investment features with flexible mining underwriting programs to create sustainable returns for participants; and provides coverage for cross-chain DeFi projects for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

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