Injective Protocol shared protocol update

Injective Protocol shared this Wednesday, January 5, through its Twitter account, the protocol update for the month of December.

Image on the publication of Injective Protocol on Twitter

“2021 was a landmark year for Injective and the community didn’t drop the ball (pun intended) for the past month. December marked several milestones, such as the start of INJ burn auctions, still deposits and Terra / UST perpetual markets along with record trading volumes. Read below for a full rundown of the community’s latest achievements and goals as we begin the new year”, he said through an article posted on the Medium platform.

December Highlights

• Injectable burns auction launched with more than $700,000 in INJ burned in less than a month

• Product: Injective Pro crossed $ 1 billion in total volume traded in less than a month. Injective Chain reached more than 15 million transactions processed since its launch in November. Injective launched a new gas rate deposit program, as well as a DMM program. Injective Upgrade Proposition 93 was passed to make a major upgrade to the core network that added a participation requirement to Injective Astro rewards, among other updates.

• Integrations and IBC: Injective listed Terra UST pairs and first decentralized LUNA perpetuals that reached $ 50 million in volume in just one week. Injective Bridge onboard Terra blockchain through Cosmos IBC, Injective crossed 100,000 price feed requests through IBC.

• Ecosystem: Picasso Exchange introduced an exchange interface, the Terra community built Lunatics Exchange on top of Injective, Unlimited Exchange introduced a new interface, and Huobi Pool began building a Huobi relay on Injective.

• Community updates: Injective hosted a PS5 swap party and two Christmas scavenger hunts, new Injective Stargazers were introduced, and the second bounty ended for Injective Astro. AMAs of the month included the Network Podcast and a Market Maker AMAs with LedgerPrime. The Injective Orman validator created an Injective statistics dashboard. GuildFi became Injective’s first premier metaverses list.

About Injective

It is the first cross-chain protocol created for decentralized financial applications. On the Injective exchange, anyone can access, create and trade unlimited DeFi markets, such as futures and perpetuals. Developers can also build cross-chain Ethereum compliant projects that are ultra-fast and achieve the instant finality of transactions. Injective is backed by a prominent group of stakeholders, including Binance, Pantera Capital, and Mark Cuban.

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