Injective Protocol announced launch of Injective Pro

Injective Protocol announced last Wednesday, October 20, through its Twitter account, the launch of Injective Pro, which includes a wide range of important changes in the user interface and the backend that lead to the most powerful decentralized commercial experience.

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“Today marks a watershed moment in Injective history with the launch of a completely upgraded Injective Pro relay. The launch involves a wide range of important changes in the user interface and the backend that lead to the most powerful commercial experience in a truly decentralized environment”, he said through an article published on his website.

The new Injective Pro

The company explained that the goal of Injective Pro is to provide access to today’s most powerful decentralized business protocol.

This section will provide an overview of some of the major updates you will encounter when using the Injective Pro relay. Everyone is encouraged to try Injective Pro for themselves to really experience all the changes.

Revamped user interface

According to the company, the entire user interface has been developed and designed with merchants in mind. The new user interface follows Injective’s rebranding guidelines and has been systematically improved to ensure that all interface parameters allow for seamless trading.

Additionally, he commented that the overall interface includes a new color palette that is vibrant and modern. You will notice that the brighter red and green hues contrast with the characteristic dark hues, helping to draw attention to the most important elements. This is then combined with a more updated typeface in letters and numbers that offers better visibility while retaining the overall style feel.

Similarly, he noted that the new home page offers a wealth of new information that all users will find valuable. Every dimension of the home page was meticulously planned after many user tests. The goal of each section is to provide useful information that users may need before starting to trade.

Dynamic markets slider

All markets in DEX can be viewed from any page with the help of a much more interactive market slider. Users can also quickly filter markets in this navigation pane with the help of more robust search capabilities.

Updated markets page

According to the company, the business interface for different markets in Injective Pro has been recreated to improve both visibility and accessibility.

A compact trading window allows anyone to trade in seconds with helpful tooltips placed across the page. Some minor little features, like a leverage slider, which helps speed up the process of placing a trade at the protocol level.

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Modern portfolio page

The portfolio page shows the overall value of your portfolio along with your open positions and orders. Due to popular demand, more information is now displayed on this page, such as your unrealized PnL and the settlement price. Adding this information can help users to have a better understanding of their past operations and provides better context regarding the overall performance of the portfolio.

Restructured history page

The history page brings a fresh look at your entire business history. In addition, the full history of the subaccount is displayed so that you can easily track past transfers that occurred on the chain.

Intuitive wallet page

The last main page within Injective Pro is the wallet. Here, users can view their balances on different assets and at the same time can transfer assets in the Injection Chain. This will be invaluable for users who wish to have more context related to their holdings.

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