Impossible Finance announced the launch of IDO Fancy Birds

Impossible Finance announced last Friday, November 26, through its Twitter account, the launch of its ninth IDO: Fancy Birds.

Image on Impossible Finance post on Twitter

“Impossible is pleased to announce that our Play-to-Earn x Viral Game project will be Fancy Games ($FNC). During the next few weeks, more details, knowledge and activities of the whitelist will be shared on the Impossible and Fancy Games channels”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

Subscription schedule:

KYC preparation period: continuous. Users can submit their information and approve KYC at any time during the entire IDO timeline. Only users who have completed KYC and are from accepted countries will be able to participate in this sale.

Stake period: 2021/11/26 10:00 AM (UTC) to ~ 2021/12/13 10:00 AM (UTC). After completing KYC, bet IDIA on Impossible’s Launchpad participation contract which will record the user’s wagered IDIA balances. The user’s IDIA balance will be captured on the chain and the allocation will be calculated based on the amount wagered and the period of time wagered relative to all participating users.

Purchase period: 2021/12/13 02:00 PM (UTC) until ~ 2021/12/14 02:00 PM (UTC). The subscription will open at this time for all eligible users for approximately 24 hours, depending on the BSC block times. Users can choose to purchase any amount of FNC up to the allocation derived from the participation period.

Claim period: not before 03/14/2022. The exact timing and details will be confirmed by Fancy Games closer to the time of syncing with another FNC release. Users will be able to claim their FNC tokens on the Impossible Launchpad.

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Fancy Games Token Sale Details:

• Token Ticker: $FNC

• Launchpad Sale Hard Cap: 325,000 USD (divided into several groups)

Standard group: 150,000 USD

Unlimited group: 150,000 USD

Whitelist allocation: $25,000

• Acquisition of tokens

: 0% unlocked on day 1 Listed

of tokens: 100% unlocked 3 months later, on 03/14/2022

• Total supply of tokens: 10,000,000,000 FNC

• Current market capitalization of day 1: TBD

• Tokens allocated to Impossible Launchpad: 65,000,000 FNC (0.65% of total token supply)

• Price of the public sale token: 1 FNC = 0.005 BUSD

• List price: TBC

• Token sale format: bet subscription

• Sector: Impossible Finance GameFi Track

• Stake out tracks supported: IDIA stake out only

• Get more information via the FNC medium (whitepaper to be shared soon) – here

• KYC Requirements: Residents of countries or regions such as the US, mainland China, and UN-sanctioned countries are excluded from participating.

Launchpad groups (offer cards)

For Fancy Games (FNC) IDO, the company indicated that they would have 2 sales cards to serve different users:

Standard Sale – Participation Limit – Users can stake a maximum of 10,000 IDIA tokens at any time as consideration for allocation. The maximum FNC that a user can buy is limited to the user’s allowance, which is calculated after the betting period.

Unlimited Sale – No Bet Limit – Users can bet any amount of IDIA at any time as consideration for allocation. The maximum FNC that a user can buy is limited to the user’s allowance, which is calculated after the betting period.

Whitelist Assignment Sales – Users can participate in our upcoming whitelist marketing campaigns and complete community-oriented tasks for a chance to earn the guaranteed FNC assignment.

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