Harmony updates and a look to the future

The Harmony Protocol company announced on Tuesday February 2 through its Twitter account the new updates that emerged in the month of January and the roadmap and strategy for this 2021.

Image of the publication made by Harmony on his Twitter account.

Through the Twitter thread, the company highlighted the launch of Beast Quest NFT Sale together with Animoca Brands, a leading company in branded blockchain games. He also recalled the announcement of the winners of the #hackthehorizon #hackathon in conjunction with Gitcoin.

An important mention made by the company was the launch of cross-chain lending by Blits Labs, a decentralized finance wallet. “Blits Labs launched cross-chain loans for users to guarantee ETH to obtain a loan at Harmony,” he posted in a Twitter thread.

On the other hand, he recalled the new partnership with the news platform DeFi The Defiant, with which “we launched the 30 episodes of the DeFi 101 series”.

Association announcements

Harmony Protocol reported through an article that, during the month of January, it made various partnerships to accelerate the Harmony adoption process.

“We partnered with Travala, the largest native cryptocurrency travel booking website, to add Harmony ONE as a payment option for 3 million travel products,” he said. In addition, he mentioned the new partnership with Hummingbot, a company with which they aim to launch their second liquidity mining campaign.

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The company indicated that they are collaborating with UTU, a company dedicated to digital infrastructure and that, together with Harmony Protocol, they will seek to integrate their credit rating oracles into the DeFi loan applications created in Harmony. In turn, with the Certik Foundation, they are “securing the DeFi ecosystem through integrations of their security oracle powered by their Skynet.

Finally, and in partnership with the Blockchain Education Network, the company assured that the Harmony community is “working more closely” to “educate the next generation of blockchain builders, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts”.

A look to the future

Harmony reported that on February 2, they held a meeting with the developers at their Scaling Ethereum with Harmony event in the city of Miami, United States. As part of Miami Blockchain Week. While he mentioned that, on February 5, ETHDenver begins, the virtual innovation festival that will have the participation of Stephen Tse, CEO and co-founder of Harmony.

The company recalled that, as part of the ETHDenver festival, it is sponsoring 5 rewards to create applications that connect Harmony, its Horizon bridge with Ethereum and “any of the other 40 sponsorship protocols to demonstrate the Harmony cross-chain infrastructure.”

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