Hacken: “Hacken Foundation partners with Solana”

Hacken announced last Tuesday, May 18, through his Twitter account, that the Hacken Foundation became an official partner of Solana. In his view, the new association aims to “promote the growth of innovative blockchain projects in Ukraine”.

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“We are proud to announce that the Hacken Foundation has become an official partner of Solana. The new partnership aims to promote the growth of innovative blockchain projects in Ukraine. Apart from us, Solana’s partner list includes leading brands such as Gate.io, Coin DCX and BRZ. Solana’s vision envisages making blockchain technologies accessible to everyone”, he said through an article published on his website.

Anatoly Yakovenko, president of the Solana Foundation, assured that “Solana believes that emerging markets have infinite potential, and we are dedicated to helping make key projects and services in these regions a reality”, while adding that they look forward to “working with our new strategic partners Hacken Foundation, Gate.io, Coin DCX and BRZ to drive the development of the next wave of blockchain technology”.

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According to the company, Hacken fully supports Solana’s initiatives to bring new projects to emerging markets through its Solana Season Hackathon. Furthermore, he commented that they are willing to share “our experience in the market to make a solid contribution to the rapid development of the blockchain industry in Ukraine”.

Within the framework of the association, the company commented that the Hacken Foundation will invest, and guide projects focused on DeFi and cybersecurity. Hacken experts will help promising teams grow their communities and assist them in technical development. Solana is one of the leading companies that drives the establishment and further expansion of projects that make a difference in the industry. We greatly value this partnership and are focused on making Ukraine a global blockchain hub.

“The Hacken Foundation will contribute its experience in cybersecurity to guarantee the quality of the selected projects. We see great potential in Solana’s expansion into Ukraine and our region, which is full of brilliant talent and innovative ideas”, said Dyma Budorin, CEO of Hacken. “We see a wide range of opportunities to work with projects that are solving some of the biggest problems”.

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