Gitcoin Announced Round 13 Grants

Gitcoin announced this Wednesday, March 09, through its Twitter account, the round 13 grants. According to the company, they have $1.2 million in matching funds available in the main round and more than $1.5 million in matching funds in 9 ecosystem rounds and 3 cause rounds.

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“Gitcoin’s largest quarterly event will start on March 9 and end on March 24, 2022. $1.2 million in matching funds will be available in the main round (vs. $1 million in GR12). At least $1.5 million in matching funds will be available across 9 ecosystem rounds and 3 cause rounds (Climate Solutions, Longevity, and **Support Ukraine**). All builders are invited to join the GR13 Hackathon from March 9-30. Thanks to Nervos, Ledger, Badger, Mask and Covalent for their generous support”, he said through an article published on his website.

The firm explained that DAOs and other ecosystem builders view Gitcoin’s quarterly grant rounds as an opportunity to regularly partner with the broader web3 community to fund the most impactful projects and builders.

They have done 12 quarterly grant rounds so far; they have collectively raised more than $36 million for public goods.

GR13 – Round Highlights

According to the company, the general structure of grant round 13 is like grant round 12, where they will again have three types of rounds:

• $1.2M main round, primarily funding projects in the Ethereum ecosystem

• 9 ecosystem rounds (ZK Tech, Open Gaming, Polygon, ENS, Algorand, OlympusDAO, NFT, Uniswap and Radicle)

• 3 rounds of causes (climate solutions, support for Ukraine, longevity)

Main round

The company indicated that for GR13, the main round includes $1.2 million in matching funds, which is higher than $1 million in GR12 and has been steadily increasing since the inception of Gitcoin Grants in 2019.

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Similarly, he commented that all grants that qualify for matching funds receive funds from the main group, in other words, these funds are the least restrictive and grantees only need to ensure that their grant is active to be eligible for the matching funds. counterpart.

“Starting in GR12 and continuing in GR13, there is an equivalent cap of 2.5% of the main round total. This means that once a grant reaches $30,000 in GR13 core group matching funds, they are no longer eligible for additional matches. This change was adopted by the community to distribute limited funds more evenly and prevent any grant from missing out on a disproportionate amount of matching funds”.

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