Gemini sponsors Bitcoin Core Developers

Gemini announced last Monday, June 7, through its Twitter account, that it will be a sponsor of Bitcoin Core Developers, Dhruv Mehta and Jarol Rodríguez, through the GeminiOpportunityFund. In his view, his sponsorships will support the fund’s mission to improve the scalability, security and sustainability of the Bitcoin network.

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“Today, we are delighted to announce the endorsements of Bitcoin Core developers Dhruv Mehta and Jarol Rodríguez. These sponsorships, made through the Gemini Opportunity Fund, will continue to support the fund’s mission to improve the scalability, security and sustainability of the Bitcoin network”, he said through an article published on his website.

The company explained that its sponsorship of Dhruv is in partnership with Square Crypto and the Human Rights Foundation and will support their efforts to improve the security of the Bitcoin network nodes. Dhruv’s work relates to the susceptibility of the Bitcoin network to DNS and border gateway protocol attacks on Bitcoin seed nodes.

On the other hand, he indicated that his sponsorship of Jarol has been made directly through the Gemini Opportunity Fund. He was recently part of a Chaincode Labs study group and plans to focus on supporting open issues, reviewing and testing pull requests, as well as improving the Bitcoin Network GUI.

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According to the company, Dhruv and Jarol’s endorsements begin this month, joining Amiti Uttarwar as the first three major Bitcoin developers sponsored by the Gemini Opportunity Fund.

“The Gemini Opportunity Fund is a donor-advised fund that is focused on making Bitcoin more scalable, secure, and sustainable through grants, scholarships, and donations. Launched in December 2020, the Gemini Opportunity Fund has pledged nearly $ 1.5 million for Bitcoin Core development to date and plans to continue supporting Bitcoin and the developer community in the future”, he added.

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