Gelato announced new partnership with Fantom

Gelato announced last Friday, May 28, through its Twitter account, its new partnership with Fantom, one of the leading EVM-compatible blockchains, which brings Gelato’s infrastructure of world-class smart contract automation to the Fantom ecosystem.

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“Reliable smart contract automation for sophisticated interactions with decentralized finance is becoming an absolute necessity for projects and protocols that want to provide a seamless Web3 experience for their users. To do this effectively, they will need an infrastructure that provides smart contract automation with a proven track record that developers can trust and trust. That is why we are excited to bring Gelato’s world-class automation infrastructure to Fantom (Fantom Foundation), one of the leading EVM-compatible chains in the space”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

About Fantom

It is a high-performance, scalable and secure smart contract platform that uses an aBFT consensus mechanism that he led called Lachesis. As a consensus layer, Lachesis powers Fantom Opera, an EVM-compliant mainnet implementation that allows any Ethereum-based dapp to be seamlessly transferred to Fantom. Fantom has a thriving ecosystem with over $350 million in locked TVL, integrations with the likes of The Graph and REN, as well as native MMAs like SpiritSwap and SushiSwap (Sushi).

“We are excited to see Fantom-based applications get their own set of builders and integrators. Applications like Gelato show the importance of composability and collaboration in our ecosystem”, said Michael Chen, Fantom’s chief marketing officer.

For its part, Gelato has already proven to be “the go-to automation solution for Ethereum and beyond. For example, Gelato has brought limit orders to multiple chains through Sorbet Finance and has automated the migration between chains of Instadapp positions in Aave”.

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Luis Schliesske, Gelato Legendary Member said: “We are very excited to bring Gelato’s trusted smart contract automation infrastructure to more developers and users with an appetite for high-speed, low-cost transactions at Fantom. Together with the Fantom community, we want to automate what already exists and explore completely new use cases that would not be feasible on Ethereum at this time, due to its scalability issues”.

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