Forbes Crypto Announced Partnership with FTX NFTs

Forbes Crypto announced this Friday, March 18, through its Twitter account, its new partnership with FTX NFTs to launch the Forbes NFT Billionaires collection in early April.

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“Forbes subscribers have a special early opportunity to purchase a virtual Forbes NFT Billionaire. Become a Forbes subscriber to guarantee 48-hour early access to the NFT sale, just an exclusive benefit of being a subscriber. Once you sign up, we’ll send you an email with more information on how to access the sale, including when your 48-hour early access period begins in April. The sale includes an initial drop of 100 Forbes Virtual NFT Billionaires”, he said in an article posted on his website.

What is a Forbes Virtual NFT Billionaire?

The company explained that a fictional virtual investor with a huge theoretical portfolio with a virtual net worth based on live prices on the New York Stock Exchange, fabulous hobbies, and an eccentric Forbes accessory who will be ranked daily on the Billionaires List from Forbes Virtual NFT to be released soon.

In his view, Forbes Virtual NFT Billionaires will have their own profile page on with a custom illustrated headshot by Goodog & ItsACat, a group of 2D and 3D illustrators and animators based in Barcelona. Current owners will also have their public wallet address listed with the billionaire they own in the official ranking.

In addition, he assured that this is the opportunity to own a fun and interactive collectible that can be authenticated and traded on the blockchain. Be sure to check out these important details about the Forbes Virtual NFT Billionaires Collection before the sale starts so you don’t miss out.

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How to prepare:

The company indicated that they partnered with FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, to launch an ERC-721 token in early April. Follow these steps to prepare for the sale event:

• Create an FTX US account at

• Follow the prompts to complete the KYC verification.

• Deposit at least 0.25 ETH into your FTX account. This is the minimum amount needed to participate in our NFT Billionaire Collection sale.

• When the sale is activated, press “Mint for X USD”. The sale is in a blind pack, so when you mint an NFT, you will get a random NFT from our collection. It will also show you how many Forbes NFT Billionaires have already been minted.

“When the Forbes NFT Billionaires collection sells out, you can still get in on the action on the secondary market. Look for Forbes Virtual NFT Billionaires for sale in any ERC-721 marketplace”, he added.

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