Flunks shared the first phase of his roadmap

Flunks shared this Monday, February 28, through his Twitter account, the first phase of his roadmap.

Image about Flunks Twitter post

“We are pleased to offer more information on what our team and our community have been (and will be) working on. This article will give you an overview of the Flunks roadmap – phase one”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

School clubs

The company explained that the first initiative is to give them a voice in electing their club leaders and participating in school-funded club events.

In his view, each clique will have the opportunity to collaborate with the Flunks team to develop an annual mission statement with the goal of creating value for their club and community. Annual club budgets are available beginning in July.

School store

The company commented that the user must log in early to gain access to its exclusive line of products. Collect the Flunks brand on limited-edition apparel, stationery, and physical collectibles.

Similarly, he highlighted that whether it’s a warm hoodie and a pair of joggers or a custom-designed Flunk skateboard, his team really wants to focus on building a brand that allows you to represent your digital identity in the physical world.


The company stated that a backpack was something we all used to show off our personalities. Duffel bags, satchels, two-strap bags, and duffel bags were all the rage in the past. We’re excited to bring back the classics and introduce some new styles too.

“As the owner of a Flunk, a school bag of different rarity will be airdropped to you. School bags were a very personal item and we want to continue that experience. Let your personality shine across campus through customizable backpacks”, he said.

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Pins and Keychains

In addition, he highlighted that the pin packs and keychain packs will be available for a limited time. Some of these collectibles can be collaborative and others with seasonal themes (Halloween, Christmas holidays, etc.). No matter which way you design your backpack, it is sure to look unique. These NFTs serve as rarity traits for your school bag.

Food drive

The company explained that a food drive is a form of charity carried out by a group of people to store and distribute food to people who cannot afford food.

“At Flunks High we are excited to push the boundaries of web3 fundraising. Food drives have been a staple tradition at the school and we want to continue the tradition through NFT”, he said.

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