Flovatar shared details about Flovatar Genesis Pack

Flovatar shared on Monday, November 29, through its Twitter account, the details about the live launch of Flovatar Genesis Pack.

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Flovatar is the next generation PFP project built at Flow where collectors take the creative initiative to shape their own unique characters. Participants will be able to select their favorite combinations in seven main categories with more than 3 billion different combinations. No more trade-offs between rarity and your own individuality”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

According to the company, only 9999 can be minted as the original series and each of them comes with superpowers:

• Commercial rights license for your own Flovatar (anyone with gifts, toys, or movie deals?)

• 1% lifetime royalties for each secondary exchange to the original Flovatar creator (you)

• Early access to the Stardust token ($DUST) and participation in DAO

• Future airdrops, exclusive loot and many surprises to come

Fall date

The company explained that the public launch of Genesis will be on December 16 at 9 a.m. M. PT / 12 p. M. ET / 5 p.m. UTC. As mentioned earlier in this article, there will be a total of 8,999 packs available for purchase between the pre-sale on December 14 at 9 a.m.PT lasting 24 hours (for whitelisted members, join Discord for more information) and the public sale on December 16.

Package structure and price

Similarly, he indicated that there will be two types of packages available for purchase: Standard and Deluxe. Inside each pack, you will find a single spark needed to bring a Flovatar to life. Where they differ is the amount of Flobit components and rarity Boosters.

The Standard and Deluxe bundles will present different possibilities for obtaining Epic and Legendary Boosters and Flobits.

In addition, he noted that they decided to keep the standard package below the average price of many previous PFP projects, while the Deluxe packages can be quite attractive to collectors. Each package will contain a single Spark, ensuring fair distribution for all participants. Below you will find additional details on the distribution of power-ups and the possibilities of each level in one package.

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