Ferrum Network receives grant from DEVXDAO

Ferrum Network announced on Wednesday December 22, through its Twitter account, that it has received a grant from DEVXDAO to build a Casper Network bridge.

Image about the publication of Ferrum Network on Twitter

“It is a great pleasure to say that we will be the proud recipients of a grant from the “Future-Proof” smart contract platform, Casper Network. After much deliberation, Casper’s team, along with DEVxDAO, have put their faith in Ferrum”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

Nick Odio, executive vice president of strategic alliances and growth at Ferrum Network, explained that “At Ferrum, our mission is to ‘break down the barriers to mass adoption.’ Casper’s ‘business-optimized’ and ‘future-proof’ approach to fostering adoption was directly in line with our spirit. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to connect Casper with the rest of the cryptosphere and we couldn’t be more excited to be working alongside such an incredibly innovative team”.

Cross-Chain Token Bridge integration

Similarly, the company indicated that it would integrate the Casper network with Ferrum Cross-Chain Token Bridge. As we continued to add more and more networks to the bridge, prioritizing Casper seemed like the next logical step in fulfilling our mission to make Ferrum the cross-chain powerhouse we envision.

“The Casper Association is excited about the approval of the DevXDAO grant to Ferrum Network to increase blockchain interoperability”, said Ralf Kubli of the Casper Association.

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Stake Product Integration as a White Label Service

In his view, with this integration, they hope to not only bring these amazing products to projects that are already based on Casper, but our goal is to encourage more developers and dApps to make Casper their home.

Casper will join the Iron Alliance

According to the company, very few ecosystems in the industry provide as much value to their constituents as Iron Alliance. Iron Alliacnce is a cohesive collective of projects, always looking to improve the landscape of decentralized protocols. “We are fortunate to have such a benevolent project as the Casper Network and we look forward to seeing the value that the Alliance returns to Casper”, he said.

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