Ferrum Network expands its alliance with AGA

Ferrum Network reported on Wednesday March 10, through its Twitter account, the continued expansion of the alliance together with AGA, the decentralized Bitcoin mining protocol that works through the AGA token for its governance and monthly rewards.

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As explained by the company through an article published on the Medium platform, the process begins with the sales of tokens that finance mining; the mining proceeds that fund the monthly rewards and repurchases of the AGA token; This leads to a fixed supply of tokens that contribute to a predictable monthly income and price appreciation. The system is designed so that the AGA token increases in value exponentially as the price of Bitcoin increases.

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“We are excited to finally fulfill AGA’s vision of performance agriculture backed by mining, and we couldn’t think of a better partner than Ferrum Networks. Ferrum and UniFyre Wallet have been serving our AGA community since the beginning and we are excited to grow this relationship”, said Tomasz Wojewoda, Founder and CEO of AGA.

For his part, Ferrum Network co-founder, Ian Friend, said that this association with AGA “began with participation and, as time passed, we saw the potential to further improve our efforts and the evolution of our relationship was created organically”.

About Ferrum Network

It is a DeFi ecosystem that interoperates “across chains and removes barriers to mass adoption.”

“Our interoperability protocol connects the blockchains, allowing the exchange of any digital asset for almost zero network fees. Link-based exchange technology takes the complexity out of wallet addresses and enables risk-free transfers of value through any chat or social media app. A DeFi participation mechanism provides passive returns for thousands of backers of dozens of projects. And our platform for exchanging fiat and cryptocurrencies between pairs will revolutionize the exchange of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies through a safe and trustless environment”, is part of the explanation of the company through its website.

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