Fearless Wallet Announces Launch of Fearless Wallet 2.0

Fearless Wallet announced this Friday, January 7, through its Twitter account, the launch of Fearless Wallet 2.0 with support for multiple assets.

Image about the Fearless Wallet post on Twitter

“The Fearless Wallet team is pleased to announce the launch of Fearless Wallet 2.0. With this new version, Fearless Wallet is now a multi-asset / chain wallet that allows the Polkadot and Kusama community to manage their parachain assets simply and securely in one place. Download Fearless Wallet 2.0 here!”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that Fearless Wallet 2.0 includes the long-awaited multi-asset support features, but it is not the only improvement that this update brings. Fearless Wallet users can now view their group loan rewards and asset balances for all their accounts within one universal wallet screen, or even have multiple sets of accounts in more than one wallet, send and receive all of their transferable assets, as well as seeing its entirety.

Similarly, he indicated that most parachain networks are supported now, except for Basilisk, Genshiro, Statemine, Moonbeam / Moonriver, and Kintsugi. We will also announce it once they are supported.

The company commented that thanks to the integration with SubQuery, the history of parachain tokens is available for most networks from the beginning (except for KILT, Shiden, Khala and Altair. The history of these networks will be added soon). So far, “there is no other mobile wallet that has such complete access to the history of tx”, he said.

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Improved Staking and Crowdloans

According to the company, Stake and Crowdloan engagement across networks has been simplified, so you can bet and contribute to your preferred choices with the ability to switch between networks directly in the Stake and Crowdloan tab in the Fearless Wallet interface.

“The launch of multi-asset support is just the beginning; the Fearless Wallet team has been working tirelessly with other projects to include even more support and functionality. You can look forward to the integration of the Moonbeam / Moonriver networks as well as support for Interlay’s Kintsugi network! But it does not end there, other networks that have been programmed for integration are Basilisk, Genshiro and Statemine, so look forward to their arrival soon to Fearless Wallet”, he added.

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