Enzyme Funding: “Curve Lido Pool Is Available”

Enzyme Finance announced on Wednesday May 12, through its Twitter account, that the Curve Lido pool is now available. According to the company, Meta-Yield growing options are increasing daily with Enzyme, so Unlashed will “take advantage of this to bring capital efficiency to DeFi insurance”.

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A small resume

The company shared a summary of what Curve Lido will be on Enzyme Finance:

Lido’s Curve stETH-ETH Pool is now available on Enzyme!

• This opens an ever-expanding range of meta-yield cultivation opportunities available to vault managers.

• In a recent proposal to maximize capital efficiency in insurance, Unslashed proposed obtaining returns on its capital through Enzyme strategies.

• The first strategy proposed by the Unslashed community was a Yield Farming strategy on top of the Curve Lido Pool.

• Last night, the proposal to launch this strategy as a pilot with 4,000 ETH passed.

• Today, we launched the Curve-Lido group to facilitate the efforts of the Unslashed Community.

What is the Lido Curve stETH-ETH pool?

The company explained that earlier this year, Lido launched a liquid participation protocol known as Lido stETH. After this, they launched a group of stETH-ETH on Curve. “Anyone can provide liquidity to the Curve stETH pool and receive trading fees in addition to the wagering rewards. $LDO rewards are paid out in proportion to the liquidity it provides and can be paid out in real time. $LDO tokens can be used to participate in Lido DAO. On top of that, the $CRV rewards continually accrue due to the nature of Curve’s funds”, he added.

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How to cultivate the performance of Enzyme?

As the company commented, yield agriculture is now possible through a variety of tools that it has made available to users, including:

• See the best returns in the Liquidity section

• Track your rewards through our interface and use the ‘claim and reinvest’ or ‘claim and exchange’ toolkit in a single transaction.

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