Enzyme Finance revealed Sulu launch plans

The company Enzyme Finance revealed last Wednesday, February 24, through its Twitter account, the launch plans and roadmap for Sulu, which will be its next launch.

Image on Enzyme Finance post on Twitter

Despite the recent release of v2 and, which has also been well received, the company highlighted that they are already working on a next version: Sulu. “The core principles of Enzyme v2 were security, customization, composability, upgradeability, and improved gas efficiencies. With Sulu, we leveraged this new architecture to focus on extensibility and composability”, the company explained.

Enzyme mentioned, through an article published on the Medium platform, some of the planned highlights for Sulu, such as:

Native loan

Enzyme stressed that it has supported loans for a while now, “but now we are about to enable loans as well!” According to the company, this is a useful feature for portfolio managers (in both TradFi and DeFi) who hold longer-term positions but are not getting any returns.

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“At DeFi, ETH is a good example today. On its own, you get little or no return, but you may want to hold it for the longer term because you think it will hit $ 10,000. Imagine that you could do that while simultaneously taking out a loan against your ETH as collateral. So, for example, you could deposit your ETH to fund the borrowed DAI. DAI is currently earning much more interest in lending protocols than ETH. Then you could deposit the DAI to earn interest on a loan protocol, and maybe even get agricultural liquidity tokens as well (eg $ COMP), depending on the various agricultural programs available at any given time!”, was part of the example he shared on the platform.

Curve Pool integrations

The company highlighted that Curve pools have been a great source of liquidity in DeFi and it has become very profitable to deposit in Curve pools and earn tokens for providing that liquidity. “We will bring this capability to our users soon!”.

Inactive integration

According to Enzyme, Idle provides you with a variety of risk-adjusted approaches to achieve the best performance on stablecoins and wBTC. Their best-yielding approach is offering up to 44% APY on stablecoins at the time of this writing and their risk-adjusted yield approach is giving you almost 14%. “These returns are further enhanced because you can accumulate IDLE tokens to deposit in these savings pools”, he commented.

AAVE integration

The company assured that the loan has been possible in Enzyme v2 for some time, but “it would not be complete without access to the AAVE tokens”, so it indicated that they will give users access to the entire range of tokens in the next release cycle. “AAVE’s loan rates and range of assets open up exciting possibilities for vault managers”, he said.

Balancer integration

Enzyme said they have supported Balancer’s liquidity for some time (through Paraswap), but also “we are looking to add support for groups”. So, according to the company, it will allow users to deposit liquidity in groups of balancers and earn any agricultural rewards that may be accessible because of being an LP in that group.

Support for staked ETH

The company stressed that there are already two forms of wrapped liquid ETH (by Stakehound & Lido). “We are excited to support these at Enzyme so that managers can capture the additional return available when betting ETH”, he said.

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