DuckDAO shared ShoeFy R-IDO whitelist details

DuckDAO shared last Thursday, October 7, through his Twitter account, the details of the ShoeFy R-IDO whitelist in DuckSTARTER.

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ShoeFy’s public sale details

• Opening of the whitelist: October 6

• Closing of the whitelist: October 11 at 2 p.m. UTC

• Date of public offering: October 13, 2 p.m. UTC

Whitelist Form:

• Total allocation available: $142,500

• IDO type: R-IDO (return period 24 hours)

• Network: ETH (ERC-20)

• Method: Lottery lottery

• Restricted countries: US, SYR, IRN, IRQ, CUB, PRK, LBY, SSD, SDN

• Acquisition schedule: 50% 1 hour after DEX / CEX listing, 50% after 30 days.

• Ticker: $SHOE

• Price per token: $0.4

• Tokens assigned to IDO: $356,250 SHOE

• Total seats: 376

About ShoeFy

This is an upcoming programmatically generated sNFT collection designed for shoe enthusiasts. In addition to looking pretty, these sNFTs are designed to be useful on the ShoeFy platform, allowing users to stake their sNFTs on the sNFT pool to earn $SHOE tokens, and stake their LP $SHOE + sNFT tokens in the ShoeFy vault to earn additional rare sNFTs.

As explained by the company, the platform includes unique reward mechanisms designed to incentivize the minting and trading of sNFTs and interaction with its ecosystem (known as shoeverse). SNFT miners receive royalties for every sale of their sNFTs on the secondary market, while those who bet on sNFT / $SHOE earn a share of all NFT transactions and minting fees, providing multiple passive income opportunities.

“In later versions of the platform, ShoeFy plans to introduce auction, trade, gaming and play-to-win features, further enhancing the usefulness of sNFT and $SHOE”, he added.

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