dHEDGE launches rewards program with Immunefi

dHEDGE announced last Tuesday, November 9, through its Twitter account, the launch of a new rewards program for errors with Immunefi.

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“DHEDGE is firmly committed to the security of all funds and smart contracts on the platform. Our smart contracts have been audited by Certik along with extensive testing by the developers at dHEDGE. Now the DeFi community can help make dHEDGE even more secure”, he said through an article posted on the Medium platform.

About Immunefi

Immunefi is a service that sets up bug bounty programs for encryption projects. These programs incentivize white and gray hat hackers to report vulnerabilities they find in protocols in exchange for a reward.

Immunefi protects more than $50 billion in user funds in projects such as Synthetix, Chainlink, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, Bancor, Cream Finance, Compound, Alchemix, Nexus Mutual, and others. The company has paid the largest bug bounties in the software industry, amounting to more than $5 million, and pioneered the DeFi scale bug bounty standard.

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The company explained that dHEDGE’s bug bounty program will pay rewards based on the severity of potential bugs found and the rewards will be denominated in USDC.

The severity level and the reward for each submission are at the sole discretion of the dHEDGE team.

These are the severity levels and the respective payment:

• Critical: $50,000

• High: $20,000

• Medium: $5,000

• Low: $1,000

About dHEDGE

It is a decentralized asset management protocol that connects the world’s best investment managers with investors on the blockchain in a permissionless, non-custodial, and trustless manner. dHEDGE aims to democratize the investment experience by leveraging Blockchain technology.

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