dHEDGE announced collaboration with SushiSwap and Polygon

dHEDGE announced last Thursday, June 10, through its Twitter account, its collaboration with SushiSwap and Polygon, to provide liquidity mining with triple rewards: $SUSHI, $MATIC and $DHT. Furthermore, he indicated that the new LP pools are DHT / ETH and dTOP / ETH.

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“Hello cyborgs, Anons, and dear metaverse netizens, the release of dHEDGE V2 is upon us! We are excited to announce a partnership with SushiSwap and Polygon! As part of the dHEDGE V2 launch campaign, dHEDGE DAO with our epic partners have launched liquidity mining with TRIPLE rewards available. You get SUSHI, MATIC and DHT at the top!!”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.


The company shared some details about the pool and the rewards that users will receive:

In his view, two new pools will be on the SushiSwap Polygon network, starting June 15 through Tuesday at 3 p.m. PDT.

The pools will be:

DHT / ETH and dTOP / ETH

Both groups will be incentivized with SUSHI and MATIC awards.

These rewards can be obtained directly from Sushi (make sure you are on the Polygon network).

Additional DHT rewards for dTOP / ETH pool: 25k DHT per week for 8 weeks paid monthly (for DHT bettors only).

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The company explained that DHT rewards will only be available to wallets that are betting DHT and have at least 1000 vDHT. This is to boost DHT rewards to long-term dHEDGE supporters.

“Note that vDHT decays linearly with time. To ensure you qualify for the rewards, we recommend that you have a buffer that exceeds the 1000 vDHT limit”, he added.


On the other hand, dHEDGE shared the steps that the user must follow to provide liquidity:

1. To provide liquidity, you will first need to connect your tokens to the Polygon network through the Matic bridge. Alternatively, you can swap for both DHT and dTOP at Sushi Polygon.

Once you have tokens on Polygon, you will need to add liquidity, either DHT / ETH or dTOP / ETH. You should now have a sushi LP token.

2. Head to the performance tab in Sushi to stake your token and start earning your TRIPLE rewards.

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