dForce shared details about version 3

dForce shared last Tuesday, December 7, through its Twitter account, details about its version 3 and new features, such as vaults, bridging, direct liquidity provision, and protocol property operator.

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“As DeFi evolved into a complex multi-chain world, we needed to ensure that dForce was always on top of the game. We’re going deeper into the uncharted waters by expanding on the current existing dForce protocol. In V3, we bring a series of new features and tokenomics renewals that we would like to put for the discussion of the community and, finally, for the vote of the governance”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

According to the company, dForce currently has three main protocols, including the decentralized stablecoin USX, general loans, and synthetic assets on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and BSC.

Highlights of the protocol

Vaults – This feature has already been approved for release, allowing USX to be struck with a one-time warranty, as an extension of the current group model.

Bridge: allows USX to move seamlessly through different chains, from Ethereum to Layer 2 and beyond other chains.

Direct liquidity provision: allows USX to be minted and deposited directly into the loan protocol or DEX via flashmint. In turn, a certificate of deposit will be used as collateral, and the mintage is over-guaranteed.

Protocol property operator: allows the protocol to own assets and borrow from our protocol, to fully generate organic loans.

In addition to the above protocol updates, the company indicated that they are also proposing to significantly revamp the tokenomics to further integrate our underlying protocol utility and ensure value accumulation.

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Tokenomics highlights

In his view, in the Tokenomics 2.0 paper, have mainly discussed the DF staking and the accumulation value. In V3, they go the extra mile to bring more innovative primitives to our Tokenomics.

DF Staking: We plan to introduce Hybrid Staking, both Free Staking and Blocked Staking. Most of the accumulated value will be awarded to participants.

Governance: Only those interested in the running of the bulls can participate in the governance vote and can delegate their votes to others.

Treasury-Back-Liquidity-Operation (TBLO): Treasury contract to mint USX and acquire DF and have DF / USX, USX / EUX liquidity in the market. The Treasury can also mint USX and participate in the Direct Liquidity Provision in the loan protocol or DEX.

Purchase of Treasury Bonds (TBB): at a later stage, to launch a program to buy more LP liquidity and other assets from holders in exchange for DF tokens.

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