Defiant announced partnership with Ramp Network

Defiant announced last Wednesday, September 8, through its Twitter account, its association with Ramp Network, so that users can buy crypto with different means of payment in more than 170 countries.

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“We have recently agreed to a new partnership with Ramp Network, a ramp platform for crypto users around the world. We are delighted to announce that we have closed a partnership with Ramp Network, a platform that allows users to buy crypto from all over the world. Our users will now have the possibility to deposit funds with a debit card, Apple Pay or bank transfer (including SEPA transfers for European countries) directly into their non-custodial wallet”, he said through an article published on his website.

The company explained that they offer simple and easy-to-use products without compromising the security and freedom that cryptocurrencies bring. In his opinion, one of the main challenges for the widespread adoption of crypto products is the lack of direct solutions to day-to-day problems. That is why it aims to make life easier for users who want to get the most out of their investments.

According to the company, by integrating with Ramp, they can offer an intuitive fiat-to-crypto gateway for people in more than 170 countries. Most wallets require users to buy their cryptocurrencies from a centralized exchange and then transfer the funds to their wallet. Not only does this mean having to bear the cost of the transaction, but it also results in a poor user experience and adds some transactional risk to the entire operation.

“Thanks to the partnership with Ramp, our users can buy cryptocurrencies using their preferred payment method and receive their cryptocurrencies directly in their non-custodial wallet. Yes, exactly. An easy way to buy crypto while keeping control of your coins and keys through Defiant and the Ramp Network”, he added.

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About Ramp Network

It is a solution that offers users and projects a gateway to the crypto world. It was built to be an intuitive and user-friendly bridge between the fiat world and the crypto world. The goal is to allow users to move funds in the easiest, fastest and cheapest way possible.

The company explained that users can benefit from Ramp’s services through third-party tools that integrate with the Ramp network. Crypto projects (wallets like Defiant or decentralized applications of all kinds) can use APIs to integrate with Ramp and offer a cash income solution to their users.

In addition, he explained that, to make the entire login experience as seamless as possible, Ramp implements a tiered KYC (Know your customer) model, which allows small users to benefit from its product without having to provide a lot of information. Users who purchase less than EUR 250 by bank transfer or EUR 100 by debit card should only include their name and address. Higher amounts or more transactions mean more KYC requirements.

Ramp integration into Defiant

Defiant indicated that users will be able to buy different cryptocurrencies directly from their phones. “We hope that this integration greatly improves the user experience and strengthens Defiant’s position as a comprehensive solution to enter the crypto world: easy to configure, easy to fund, easy to manage, all within a non-custodial wallet that it offers maximum security and respects the privacy of the user”, he specified.

Similarly, he commented that some of the supported currencies are: Bitcoin, Ether, DAI, USDC, among others. Furthermore, users can transform their coins into any other ETH or RSK token they want through our internal exchange feature.

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