Decentral Games announced launch of ICE accessories

Decentral Games announced this Friday, March 18, through its Twitter account, the official launch of the ICE accessories. The company stated that ICE accessories are cosmetic items that enhance your appearance while playing ICE Poker and can be purchased from the DG Market with $ICE.

Image about Decentral Games post on Twitter

“We are excited to officially launch ICE accessories from Decentral Games! ICE Accessories are strictly cosmetic items that enhance your appearance while playing ICE Poker and can be purchased from the DG Market with ICE. There are two categories of ICE accessories: standard and gold, and today we are launching 12 of each: 12 standard accessories (1000 items, priced at 1k ICE) and 12 gold accessories (100 items, priced at 10k ICE)”, he said through an article published on his website.

The company explained that people can navigate to the new ICE aftermarket by selecting “Buy” from the top menu of the Decentral Games website, then clicking on the Accessories tab:

Additionally, he highlighted that to mint an item, make sure you have enough ICE in your Polygon wallet and have your RPC set to the Ethereum mainchain, select “mint attachment” and confirm in the modal.

After confirmation, you will need to sign two meta-transactions: one to authorize ICE as payment and the other to mint.

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Masks are a $40 billion annual market

According to the company, cosmetic “skins” that enhance a player’s appearance within video games are a business with annual gross revenue of $40 billion. The more popular a game becomes, the more appealing it is to be able to flex and virtually differentiate your player’s appearance from everyone else’s.

In his opinion, Decentral Games’ ICE aftermarket will serve to remove ICE from the circulation of participants in the ICE Poker ecosystem (guilds and players), and even welcome ICE purchases and burning people out. of the ICE Poker ecosystem.

The start of many ICE purchases in the game

The company assured that the ICE accessory market paves the way for many other in-game cosmetic purchases with ICE that we plan to release, including custom NFT emotes, custom card backs, custom guild names, and much more.

“ICE revenue from in-app purchases may be a small percentage of the overall ICE currently earned at ICE Poker; however, as we roll out additional free games, non-ICE metaverse, and mobile poker games, these in-app purchases have the potential to come from a much larger audience and contribute a large portion of the overall ICE burn”, he added.

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