DappRadar announced integration with Skale Network

DappRadar announced this Monday, February 07, through its Twitter account, its integration with Skale Network and its dapps ecosystem.

Image about DappRadar’s Twitter post

“DappRadar is pleased to announce that it will soon be integrating the Skale Network and its ecosystem of dapps. For now, we invite dapp developers and users to learn more about the EVM-enabled scalable network”, he said in an article posted on his website.

The company explained that Skale is a highly expandable multi-chain blockchain network that offers users a secure Ethereum scalability solution. Unlike most Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks, the Skale Network architecture supports a growing set of dapp-specific chains. It uses the Ethereum mainnet to manage and orchestrate critical network operations to improve network security and transparency.

In his view, for developers, it means they can run dapps on a fast, scalable chain provided exclusively for their dapp and ecosystem, with no gas fee restrictions, with all connections to developers, users, and the Ethereum dapp community. Mainnet. While the platform’s Dappnet service helps dapp developers to perform final network and upload tests before Mainnet production release.

Similarly, he commented that Ethereum developers can use all the usual tools and implementation methods (Truffle, Hardhat, Remix, Web3) and get their own Skale Chain RPC endpoint. That’s right: a complete RPC endpoint for a dapp, its end users, and its ecosystem. Most importantly, Skale supports Solidity and the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which means developers and users can use the same tools, wallets, token standards, etc. as they do on Ethereum right now.

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Furthermore, he indicated that depending on the architecture and needs, developers can choose which contracts to hold on Ethereum and serve on Skale; for example, putting more end-user-facing transactions on Skale and transactions requiring proof-of-work security on Ethereum.

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