DAOSquare announced partnership with Unlock Protocol

DAOSquare announced on Wednesday May 12, through its Twitter account, its new strategic partnership together with Unlock Protocol. According to the company, this in order to work together through the DAOSquare incubator to “help the applications / organizations based on the unlock protocol to be successful”.

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“Today, we are incredibly excited to announce our strategic partnership with Unlock Protocol. DAOSquare (a Web3 incubator), has formed a strategic partnership with Unlock Protocol (a famous blockchain membership protocol). DAOSquare will work with the unlock protocol through the DAOSquare incubator and more to help applications and organizations based on the unlock protocol build their products, businesses and help them succeed”, he said through an article published in the Medium platform.

The company commented that DAOSquare and Unlock Protocol will launch a series of events together soon, including:

• Unlock Protocol will be coming to the DAOSquare community soon to introduce Unlock Protocol, including how to build a membership system, content community and fan economy through the Unlock Protocol in the Web 3 era!

• Grants events (and hackathons). Grants for product equipment based on the Unlocking Protocol.

About Unlock Protocol

It is a platform that allows the user to easily block and manage access to their content, applications, community, and even real-life events and spaces. “Unlock is an open-source protocol. Integrate it in any way you want. It is also without permission, there are no intermediaries”, he said.

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As the company explained, Unlock Protocol can be applied to publications (paywalls), newsletters, software licenses, or even the physical world, such as transportation systems. “The web revolutionized all of these areas: unlocking them will make them economically viable. Currently, Unlock Protocol has obtained funding from Coinbase and Consensys, and has partnered with Forbes”, he highlighted.

About DAOSquare

Born in West Ethereum’s well-known MetaCartel community, DAOSquare is dedicated to building a Web3 incubator that claims to be the Y · Combinator in the Web3 era.

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