DAO Maker introduced the Chainmaker kit

DAO Maker introduced on June 25, through its Twitter account, the Chainmaker kit, which, in its opinion, is the White Label launch pad kit for all blockchains.

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What is the Chainmaker kit?

According to the company, DAO Maker has spent months offering technology that can create new launch pads in moments.

“Chainmaker Kit is available to professional teams who have the vision to operate their own launch pad”, he commented. In addition, he assured that the launch pads they acquire come with superior features, on par with the DAO Pad:

• Integrated compliance

• Fiat Onramp

• Trust without trust

• Contracts for claim, distribution and acquisition of rights with multiple audits

• User control panels and administration panels


The company shared some of the main benefits of Chainmaker:

1. Go to the user base

Immediate access user base of over 300,000 for Infinity Pad and other launch pads implemented in Chainmaker.

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2. Massive network effect

User adoption generated by DAO Pad, Infinity Pad and all other launch pads created in Chainmaker is shared. This creates one of the most powerful network effects in the industry.

Why Chainmaker?

The company explained that Launchpads have become powerful instruments for organizing communities to fund, support and grow early-stage startups.

“This is particularly effective in leveraging development on new blockchains, as highlighted by the leading role that launch pads have played in the rapid growth of development at both Cardano and Polkadot. The presence of a good launch pad can make blockchains powerful. By effect, the launch pads are chain creators”, he specified.

In his view, the Chainmaker kit is available to qualified teams who wish to implement and manage their own launch pad. This is a powerful opportunity for many, and for the DAO ecosystem, as it gains exposure to the launch pad market share on other blockchains.

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