DAO Maker announced sale of Cere Network on DAO Pad

DAO Maker announced on March 19, through its Twitter account, the sale of CereNetwork in DAO Pad DAO Maker, being according to the company, the first offer in DAO Maker’s new multiple investment platform: $DAO Pad.

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“DAO Maker is pleased to announce that Cere Network will be the first sale on DAO Maker’s new multi-investment platform: DAO Pad. The sale will be executed as a Headline Strong Offer, simultaneously with the public sale of Cere on the Republic platform”, said the company through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that DAO Pad is a “highly anticipated” multi-investment platform that allows the most loyal and diligent members of the DAO Maker community who stake DAO tokens to participate in a variety of public, private, and even initial funding rounds. “DAO Maker’s vision of making sure investment instruments is available to the masses is becoming a reality as DAO Pad will be available next week!”, he added.

In his view, the sale of Hosting Cere Network in DAO Pad “will be an important milestone for the DAO Maker fundraising platform“. Cere Network, the company commented, falls into the category of the most forward-looking launches of 2021 with its strong product, team, and experience in the market.

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About Cere Network

It is a decentralized cloud data and finance platform for businesses that facilitates new levels of security and efficiency for businesses through a variety of blockchain-focused innovations, including its SaaS-DeFi feature, which will function as a bridge between business capital and DeFi.

“Cere’s founding team has extensive knowledge of both blockchain and decentralized finance, putting them in a unique position to accelerate blockchain adoption through working with companies that already have millions (or billions!) From loyal users”, DAO Maker assured through the article.

The company highlighted that, for the sale of Cere, “400 people will be included in the whitelist and each one will have an allocation of $2,500 USD in Cere tokens“. Furthermore, he commented that “each participant must also stake 500 DAO tokens on our vault platform to confirm their eligibility”.

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