DAFI Protocol announced collaboration with Polinate

DAFI Protocol announced last Thursday, September 16, through its Twitter account, its collaboration with Polinate, to bring its next-generation rewards distribution model to the platform.

Image on the publication of DAFI Protocol on Twitter

“The DAFI Protocol is joining forces with Polinate to bring its next-generation rewards distribution model to all corners of the blockchain world. The next-generation crowdfunding platform aims to encourage market participants to stay engaged with the creatives they love. Polinate would become one of the first projects to buy $DAFI on the open market to prepare for the full integration of smart synthetic dPOLI incentives into its ecosystem”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that Polinate is a crowdfunding platform designed to discover, launch and empower creatives globally without permission. Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon, creatives can access social and financial capital without a middleman keeping a percentage of the profits.

In his view, the POLI token will play a vital role in the new global creator economy, providing multiple benefits, such as advantages, discounts and rewards, to those involved within the Polinate ecosystem.

Given the great power that POLI bestows on market participants, the company indicated that COO and co-founder Azeem Khan understands the need for greater accountability. By buying and using DAFI on the open market, Khan is committed to introducing smart synthetic dTokens into Polinate and changing the dynamics of how network users are incentivized to foster long-term engagement.

In fact, dPOLI tokens can help turn market demand volatility into rewards to create the perfect balance between supply and demand. These smart synthetics suppress the effects of supply shocks while driving liquidity into the decentralized economy.

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“The DAFI protocol is changing the way rewards are distributed, from a linear, time-based version to a version focused on network demand. This ensures that real users and adopters are rewarded for their ongoing support of projects rather than users being solely interested in the rewards. I think this is a great step to change the way we view token distributions and we are happy to use their reward distribution model for our participation program”, said Khan.

For his part, Zain Rana, founder of DAFI Protocol, highlighted that “for the first time, market participants will be able to support the creatives they love directly and without intermediaries. Through the use of POLI tokens, creators will have access to social and financial capital, while dPOLI rewards will incentivize supporters to remain committed to creators’ long-term growth”.

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