ColdStack announced their collaboration with Arweave

ColdStack announced last Tuesday, June 29, through its Twitter account, its new collaboration with the Arweave Team, to provide greater accessibility to Arweave and decentralized storage, even “for those outside of cryptocurrency”.

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“Dear Community Members, We at ColdStack are proud to present one of our first collaborations with a major decentralized storage network (DSN), Arweave. Arweave is a leader within the decentralized storage sector and arguably one of the most important projects in the overall decentralized ecosystem. We are very excited to form this collaboration with the Arweave team and we look forward to achieving greater adoption of all the advantages that Arweave’s Permaweb has to offer users”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

Alexander Shishow, CEO of ColdStack, said that “we really couldn’t be happier to announce this collaborative effort between ColdStack and Arweave. I became very familiar with Arweave while working with decentralized storage networks, even before working on the ColdStack project. They really do occupy a prestigious place in terms of how blockchain can be used for social good”.

In addition, he added that “actually, our NFT artist storage donations / donations program was directly inspired by Arweave’s giving program, in which they help developers, projects and institutions looking to use the Arweave network and promote the mission of creating a truly decentralized and community-managed website. It is difficult to name a project more dedicated to helping society in general”.

About collaboration

According to the company, by forming this collaboration, ColdStack is one step ahead of any potential issues and can access the expertise of the experienced Arweave team. While the integration of any DSN is important, it is much more significant to establish a quality relationship with a DSN to better enhance the entire DSN ecosystem.

In his view, ColdStack’s NFT artist scholarship program was directly inspired by Arweave’s extensive scholarship program.

“We also see this collaboration as an opportunity to better explore the ways ColdStack can advance charitable efforts within the blockchain and beyond. While the ColdStack platform is still growing and developing, we are eager to expand our altruistic efforts as much as possible. About philanthropic activities, the Arweave team can provide future guidance that is currently unmatched within the blockchain”, he said.

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About Arweave

It is a decentralized cloud storage that seeks to make the permanence of information sustainable through Permaweb. The Arweave platform serves to ensure that the information that is stored with its service is always accessible, regardless of the surrounding circumstances thanks to the Blockweave network. The network’s infrastructure enables it to combat censorship imposed by both hostile governments and centralized companies. Arweave also enables information to be more reliably evaluated in areas where data connectivity may be limited, either due to socioeconomic conditions or conditions created by natural disasters.

About ColdStack

It is a unified protocol that enables the aggregation of decentralized storage networks (DSN) such as Filecoin, Sia, and Storj. Coldstack enables easy use of these platforms without significant integration efforts, regardless of a person’s familiarity with DSNs. ColdStack offers a single point of entry to any DSN, optimizing final costs for consumers with our AI-based pipeline. Just as Uber provides its customers with convenient and cost-effective rides from a group of drivers, ColdStack provides its users with the most convenient way to access storage space from any decentralized cloud.

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