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Coin98 Wallet announced last Friday, August 27, through its Twitter account, its new collaboration with, which supports its next generation Ethereum Layer 2 accumulation optimistic scaling solution Mainnet Beta – Boba Network.

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“Coin98 Wallet collaborates with Enya, a leading developer of decentralized infrastructure solutions supporting its next-generation Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Stack Scaling Solution Mainnet Beta – Boba Network (formerly known as OMGX)”, it said via an article published on their website.

The company explained that the Boba Network (former name OMGX) is an Ethereum L2 augmentation and scaling solution created by the Enya team that reduces gas rates, improves transaction performance, and expands smart contract capabilities. The project aims to lower barriers to adoption for users, as well as DeFi and NFT developers, offering not only security and decentralization rooted in Ethereum, but also low transaction costs and fast execution.

For its part, Coin98 Wallet is a well-known DeFi Gateway that uses various engines as its core, making DeFi accessible to users around the world, starting from Southeast Asia. With the plan to integrate the Boba Network mainnet once it launches, Coin98 Wallet is opening the door for more than 500,000 users to access this inclusive decentralized ecosystem, providing a fast and seamless experience to users when connecting to DApps. built on Boba Network.

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“Our relationship is based on mutual interest in offering a faster, cheaper and more enjoyable experience to the next billion Ethereum users (…) Coin98 Wallet surely looks forward to a great work trip with Boba Network and Enya on promising new projects for finding new technological potentials and creating a future in which DeFi can be found in all facets of our daily lives”, he added.

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