Chihuahua is now available on Injective Pro

Chihuahua announced this Thursday, February 10, through its Twitter account, that it is now available in Injective Pro along with $100,000 in HUAHUA token rewards.

Image on the publication of Chihuahua on Twitter

“Chihuahua (HUAHUA) Spot Markets are now in Injective Pro along with $100,000 in HUAHUA Token Rewards! You can now trade HUAHUA with limit and market orders, all in a completely decentralized order book powered by the Cosmos community!”, he said through an article published on the Injective Protocol website.

Start trading and earn:

• Time: February 7, 2022, at (15:00 UTC)

• Trading Pair: HUAHUA/USDT

• Promotion period: February 8, 2022 (15:00 UTC) — February 22, 2022 (15:00 UTC)

• Reward calculation period: February 22, 2022 (15:00 UTC) – February 29, 2022 (15:00 UTC)

Deposit and redeem to share $100,000 in HUAHUA prizes

The company explained that, to celebrate this listing, the Chihuahua team is sponsoring a $100,000 HUAHUA trade and deposit campaign.

How to win

• Net deposit of at least 100 USDT in HUAHUA to Injective Pro or any Injective-based exchange during the Promotion Period

• Trade at least 100 USDT on the HUAHUA spot market on Injective Pro or on any exchange created on Injective during the Promotion Period

• The more you trade, the more you earn

Reward calculation

The company stated that $100,000 in HUAHUA token rewards will be split between users who deposit HUAHUA AND contribute real cash volume.

Similarly, it detailed that the reward for each qualified user = (Effective Total Transaction Volume of each user / Total Effective Transaction Volume) * $100,000 in HUAHUA.

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About Chihuahua (HUAHUA)

This is the currency of the Cosmos meme. Chihuahua is the first meme coin interoperable with a POS blockchain, making it one of the most widely used chains in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Benefits of trading on Injective

• Zero gas fees

• Blazing fast speeds

• Earn rewards with every trade

• Interact with the world of Cosmos IBC

• Trade through market and limit orders

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