Charged Particles Announced Successful Seed Round Closure

Charged Particles announced last Wednesday, May 5, through its Twitter account, that it successfully closed its round of seeds of 1 million dollars with a valuation of 20 million dollars. “Our team is grateful for the incredible support, which led to a fundraiser with almost 10 times more subscriptions”, he added.

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“We are pleased to announce that Charged Particles has successfully closed our initial round of $ 1M with a valuation of $ 20M. Our team was honored and grateful for the incredible support, which led to a fundraiser of nearly 10 times more subscribers. We are very excited to share the incredible list of strategic investors supporting Charged Particles on our journey to become a fully decentralized essential NFT protocol. This seed round included many of the same investors from our pre-seed round, which was announced in February”, he said through an article posted on the Medium platform.

The company highlighted that investors in this round include DAOMaker, HashKey, Au21, Jordan & Kain from Synthetix, GMoney, as well as additional investments from many of our pre-seed round investors: LAO, ParaFi, CoinGecko, LongHash, MoonWhale , D64, Fourth Revolution Capital and Nalu Fund. Angels from our Pre-seed, including Leighton Cusak (PoolTogether), Stani Kulechov (Aave), Liz Rabban (Former Celsius Network founding team), Matt (Nifty Gateway) and Tyler Ward (BarnBridge).

“Charged Particles facilitates the convergence of the most interesting primitives in crypto today: NFTs + DeFi (and much more). By enabling more flexible creation and interaction with ERC-customized NFTs, Charged Particles is redefining uniqueness and ushering in a new era of innovation; from dynamic multi-party royalty streams to automated charitable contributions to new prestige-building metaverse elements. Charged particles will be to NFTs what Ethereum was to Bitcoin”, said EJ Rogers, co-founder and GP, 4RC.

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According to the company, this initial round of financing helps accelerate the growth of the charged particle ecosystem and adds a variety of essential strategic expertise to help build this new NFT infrastructure building block.

What is next and how to get involved?

The company assured that new “exciting announcements” will be made soon, among which will be:

• Token generation event

• Layer 2 implementation

• Participation and liquidity mining programs

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