Charged Particles announced partnership with reNFT

Charged Particles announced last Tuesday, August 10, through its Twitter account, its association with reNFT. According to the company, with reNFT they are bringing NFT loans and rentals to the Charged Particles ecosystem.

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“At Charged Particles we are obsessed with finding new and innovative ways to take advantage of NFTs. We believe that people should be able to do more with their NFTs; if that means depositing digital assets and other NFTs within them; allow NFTs to be programmable, time-locked, or interest-bearing; or one of the many other innovative use cases we’ve developed for people to get more value from their NFTs. That is why we are excited to partner with ReNFT to explore integrating their technology with our charged particle protocol. ReNFT allows you to rent NFT to other people. This is an innovative application that is relevant in many verticals within the NFT space, including games, the metaverse and DeFi”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

Use cases

The company shared some use cases they are exploring:

• Games: allows people to earn money by renting their game items.

• Metaverse – Rent virtual real estate for a variety of reasons, including events, parties, and more

• DeFi – Lets you rent products like our Lepton NFTs (Performance Multiplier NFTs) when not in use

According to the company, initially, its focus will be on integrating charged particle NFT with the ReNFT protocol. Beyond that, they will continue to add platform and product specific support for a variety of NFT verticals.

“ReNFT brings the power of the sharing economy to the NFT space and out of this comes many exciting use cases that make people earn money from valuable NFT items sitting idle on their digital ‘shelves”, he added.

Ben Lakoff, Co-Founder of Charged Particles, commented that “by partnering with ReNFT, we are providing our community with an easy way to earn income from NFT from charged particles that might otherwise lie idle and unused. The ability to earn passive income by renting idle NFTs will add immense value to the ecosystem, very excited about our association’s potential applications!”.

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“We are very excited to introduce NFT rentals into the charged particle ecosystem. Their entire team has been pushing NFT technology and utility forward and we are proud to align ourselves with their innovative products. We can’t wait to see what future integrations bring!”, said Nick Vale, co-founder of reNFT.

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