ChainSwap offered public sale details and launch of its $TOKEN

ChainSwap offered last Tuesday, April 13, through its Twitter account, details of the public sale and the airdrop of its $TOKEN.

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Image on ChainSwap’s Twitter post

“After announcing the successful closing of our strategic round with the backing of top tier institutions, we are pleased to announce the details of the public sale of ChainSwap and Airdrop to AntiMatter ($MATTER) holders. ChainSwap will launch its own native token with the symbol $TOKEN at the end of April. The public sale will be a multiplatform event that will take place on several platforms simultaneously”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

Public sale

The company introduced the world’s first Uniswap liquidity kick-off event, a new public offering model created by ChainSwap.

Likewise, the company indicated that, in addition to Uniswap LBP, TOKEN will have an initial multiplatform offering, which are:

• Initial Twitter Offer (MASK) (ITO – Twitter Initial Offer)

• Helmet Insurance Offer (IIO – Initial Insurance Offer)

• WeStarter – (IDO – Initial oversubscription offer)

• SolStarter – (Initial offer deferred – end of May)

TOKEN airdrop for MATTER holders

According to the company, 1% of the total supply of TOKEN (this is 25% of the initial circulating supply) “will be launched in the form of token options redeemable for TOKEN on the BSC blockchain after hearing feedback from our communities about gas rates. The airdrop can be claimed from the ChainSwap website”.

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In addition, it indicated that the eligible parties for the TOKEN Airdrop include:

• The owners and farmers of MATTER / ETH LP,

• Holders of MATTER,

• OptionRoom COURT farmers

• and ChainSwap users


The company commented that ChainSwap’s TOKEN token serves as a “tool to facilitate the governance of the platform and increase the usefulness of the platform”.

Similarly, he indicated that TOKEN’s profits will include:

• Staking out nodes for ChainSwap nodes (Building and securing the smart chain ChainSwap which is cross-chain by default)

• Rewards for participation in assets (provide liquidity to assets: the center)

• ChainSwap, Application Swap and The ChainSwap Hub fees are used to buy back TOKEN

• ChainSwap rate system

• Encouragement of liquidity and the use of ChainSwap

• Protocol rewards: 50%, the broadcast schedule will be published closer to the launch

• Foundation: 10%, one-year cliff 25% acquired every 3 months

• Strategic taxpayers: 20%, initial 10% and then 10% with vested rights per month

• Public Sale: 1%, 100% unlocked. This amount may vary depending on the amount of Uniswap LBP; More details will be posted closer to the TGE.

• Equipment: 10%, one-year cliff 25% purchased every 3 months

• Airdrop: 1%, fully unlocked

• Liquidity: 8%, fully unblocked in TGE, used for exchange liquidity

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