Chainlink introduced Chainlink Feed Registry

Chainlink presented last Friday, July 30, through its Twitter account, Chainlink Feed Registry, which, in its opinion, provides smart contract developers with a universal gateway to connect and discover any Chainlink price feed querying a single chain contract, simplifying the development and deployment of Chainlinked applications.

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“As a framework for connecting smart contracts on any blockchain to external data resources, Chainlink Network continually improves the developer experience by adding new features and capabilities. As a continuation of this goal, we are proud to introduce the Chainlink Feed Registry, an on-chain registry that maps existing token contract addresses to Chainlink Price Feeds. As a result, smart contracts can get data from any Chainlink price feed through a single universal registry contract, dramatically reducing the integration effort of building hybrid smart contract applications”, he said through an article published on their website.

The company explained that as a feature highly requested by smart contract developers, Chainlink Feed Registry enables developers to query the latest Price Feeds value by providing just a couple of asset addresses and denominations, without needing to know the contract address. individual of each Feed. By eliminating the need to manually discover and individually connect to Price Feed contracts for each required asset, developers can create smart contract applications that retrieve the latest price of any supported asset in a single call to a single on-demand registration contract.

Similarly, he noted that this new record provides a more intuitive and simple experience for connecting to Chainlink Price Feeds on pre-existing methods that require querying each feed contract directly, including filtering Price Feed addresses in the Chainlink Developer Documentation or the use of the Ethereum Name Service providing string values. “Importantly, as a blockchain-independent Oracle network, a Chainlink Power Registry contract will first be implemented on the Ethereum blockchain and then expanded to support additional on-chain environments in the future”, added.

In his view, in addition to simplifying chained app development, developers can seamlessly track each asset supported by Price Feeds just by entering a token contract address in a single smart contract.

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“This process can be done on-chain from within a smart contract or directly by developers calling a full blockchain node that includes a self-operated node, blockchain-as-a-service node providers, or trusted block explorers like Etherscan. Additionally, developers can track when Price Feed contracts are updated using chain events, which creates more transparency and simplifies the process of indexing Chainlink events in different common aggregator contracts for front-end user interfaces”, precise.

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