Chainlink awarded grant to C02 Labs

Chainlink announced this Friday, January 21, via its Twitter account, that it has awarded C02 Labs a grant to develop a web application that uses Chainlink to help mining companies track and report ESG compliance data.

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“To help promote more environmentally sustainable mining practices, we are pleased to announce that the Chainlink Community Grants Program is awarding C02 Labs a Social Impact Grant. Through this grant, C02 Labs will design and build an easy-to-use, transparent and ESG-compliant web application that uses Chainlink’s oracles to provide insights into miners’ climate practices. Mining companies can drag and drop internal compliance data into this app, and the data will then be filtered and accessible through an API. Through this API, Chainlink oracles can make GET requests, parse the JSON file, apply specific transformations, and then make the output available to blockchains using a particular file type for increased reliability”, he said via a blog post. article published on your website.

The company explained that C02 Labs aims to complete the following products because of this grant initiative:

• Research key mining stakeholders and develop a framework to meet industry best practice

• Simulate the supply chain of a major Chainlink-connected miner using company-provided data inputs

• Develop a web page with an API that exposes published compliance data through the mining company’s website to show transparency.

• Implement a smart contract that processes and publishes data designed to meet specific mining compliance requirements

• Create a case study or slide deck to highlight the use case for potential partners

In his view, C02 Labs is a newly developed company made up of software and ESG experts with strong experience in designing green business solutions on blockchains. The C02 Labs team will be working directly with senior management at a large North American mining organization. Miners like these are increasingly realizing that they need to have an ESG-compliant and aligned supply chain. This is where C02 Labs Chainliked blockchain solution will offer a unique and cutting edge solution and fill this important gap in the market. With the help of Chainlink, C02 Labs aims to increase transparency and automation of compliance data in the mining industry.

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“We are grateful to receive a grant from the Chainlink Community to begin developing a website application that can help mining companies track their environmental sustainability. Mining organizations will be able to seamlessly adopt this technology for enhanced automation that can bring them one step closer to achieving their ESG goals. Once this pilot project has been developed, it could serve as a proof of concept for increasingly advanced applications using smart contracts and Chainlink oracles to enable the mining industry to automate various business processes”, commented C02 Labs CTO Mario Yaksetig.

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