Centaur announced collaboration with Unreal Finance

Centaur announced on October 29, through its Twitter account, its new collaboration with Unreal Finance. According to the company, the performance insurance proposals are being deliberated by both parties.

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“Following their previous collaboration, Centaur is on a hot streak that is not over yet, as their most recent collaboration has just been consolidated. While this partnership platform has some points in common with the previous one by offering insurance for accumulated returns with minimal performance guarantees, it is best known for its unique liquidity collection and interest rate swaps that are so novel yet profitable. You could even say that they are unreal. Some readers may have already guessed that the project in question is Unreal Finance, a non-on-chain performance futures management protocol that allows users to lock in fixed interest rates in order to obtain loans or provide the capital for finance them”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that its financial and technological innovation has generated other solutions, such as granting users access to future earnings automatically, which they can then increase by increasing their original capital commitments to generate even more dividends. Its pioneering liquidity earnings trading mechanism has created DeFi primitives that facilitate speculation on the earnings generated by the protocol, something that no other protocol on Ethereum has accomplished. Ultimately, its yield tokens act as gateways to cross-loan market arbitrage, which ultimately encourages more predictable exchanges and more powerful dividend growth.

Similarly, the company indicated that Unreal is evaluating the feasibility of integrating its partner’s two native assets into its arbitrage mechanism, while simultaneously developing synthetic loan tokens for CNTR and WHEY. While CoverCompared is already designing comprehensive DeFi insurance plans to underwrite potential risks in Centaur Swap, its newest partner will be looking to create performance insurance policies to further strengthen its existing financial safety net.

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For its part, Centaur can give the green light to deposit and trade its native token, $UGT, on its decentralized exchange as part of its ongoing drive to maximize its community members’ exposure to a heterogeneous mix of high-potential assets. If this proposition is confirmed, your community members will be able to further increase the total locked value of their trade while accumulating personal possessions for future exchanges, as well as including it in Hadar for greater accessibility and integration into their ecosystem.

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