Celo announced a partnership with Blockchain Academy Chile

Celo announced last Monday, June 7, through its Twitter account, its association with Blockchain Academy Chile, to offer an introductory course on the development of #builtoncelo dApps in Spanish.

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“Fundación Celo has partnered with Blockchain Academy Chile to offer free training for developers interested in developing dApps on the Celo platform. The training program provides the basic knowledge and tools necessary for developers to start developing ideas for Celo that can then be transformed into real-world applications for end users in Latin America”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.

The company explained that this is an introductory course focused on developers, both for those who are new to blockchain technology and for those who have some level of familiarity. In addition, he indicated that they would review the fundamentals before immersing ourselves in the Celo protocol, its operation, architecture, nodes and development tools, which will allow them to finish developing their first dApp in Celo.

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In his opinion, the student will learn the basic concepts and tools necessary to start developing his first dApp on the Celo network. Then, you will start working on your own app ideas for Celo through a series of free, live workshops. This will provide you with the knowledge and training you need to further develop your ideas.

“In alliance with the Celo en Español team, the training will culminate in a virtual hackathon (participation is free), where you will have the opportunity to present your ideas. The winning idea will be presented and launched to potential investors to help finance the development of its application”, he added.

Celo indicated that the free course consists of six modules that include a certification upon completion of the program. Below is an overview of the program:

Blockchain 101

You will learn the basic concepts of blockchain, the origin of Bitcoin, consensus algorithms and everything that will allow you to distinguish one network from another.

Development tools

Know and use the necessary tools to be able to build your node or connect to external services to show your smart contracts and develop your first application in Celo.

Mobile first

Celo’s entire development approach is geared towards using your mobile phone as a user interface, which will facilitate rapid adoption and financial inclusion in the region.

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