Capital DEX announced integration with SKALE Network

Capital DEX announced last Friday, November 19, through its Twitter account, that it has integrated with SKALE Network to carry transactions from $SKL to $CGT.

Image on Capital DEX post on Twitter

“Today, the CurioDAO team is pleased to update in anticipation of the imminent integration of SKALE. To keep our community even more excited about the new technology, which will allow Capital Dex users to enjoy transactions without gas, the team is launching a new agriculture pair, $SKL – $CGT, with a juicy 800% APY. This offer is valid until the full functionality of Capital DEX is available on SKALE, after which the APY may drop”, he said through an article published on the Medium platform.


According to the company, because SKALE is FAST. While Ethereum can handle around 15 transactions per second (tps), SKALE handles 2000 tps, with transactions confirmed in less than a second.

In his opinion, getting to SKALE is quick and easy. “The optimism surprised users with their wait of a week to take their assets off the network. There is no such hassle for SKALE users, who can get in and out of SKALE in just 18 seconds using their IMA bridge“, he added.

In addition, the company indicated that SKALE is safe. Where sidechains like BSC are plagued with security and centralization concerns due to their limited set of validators, SKALE has discovered several innovative solutions (such as its pooled validation model) to ensure that users do not lose the security of the Ethereum network by move your assets.

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“SKALE is more than NFT compatible. Real-world asset NFTs are a cornerstone of CurioDAO (just take a look at As mentioned above, skyrocketing fees for NFT minting and trading have blocked many eager traders and investors, while privileging mega-rich whales. SKALE’s decentralized file storage ensures that NFTs retain all the security and authenticity associated with the Ethereum network while providing a user experience (UX) that is light years away from the daunting status quo”, he said.

Similarly, he commented that SKALE allows GASLESS transactions. That is, not “cheap” or “less expensive” transactions, but completely non-gas contractual interactions. So now if you want to buy a wrapped token that represents a part of CurioDAO’s Ferrari F12TDF, you no longer need to fund your wallet with more than a hundred dollars of ether.

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